Various Acehnese Dishes, The Veranda of Mecca

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Various Acehnese Dishes
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Various Acehnese Dishes, The Veranda of Mecca – Tourism has become a very important and strategic industry in order to support the development of a nation or region through economic empowerment and the achievement of new jobs for the community.

Various potentials that exist in areas that have uniqueness and added value continue to be built and developed in the form of natural beauty, cultural culture, past history, community hospitality as well as regional specialties or “culinary tourism”. Culinary tourism or “Culinary Tourism” is a newly developing industry and has succeeded in attracting tourists to add to their experiences and challenges by enjoying various types of food in an area that is unique and has a separate impression when traveling. “Unique and memorable culinary searches. kinds of experiences, often while traveling (Erik Wolf, 2006) ”.

Tourists visiting a tourist destination can enjoy various types of food and drinks with flavors and aromas provided by the host. However, what is important and needs to be paid attention to by the host in an effort to add a positive impression and experience for tourists who come is directly to tourists the process of making food that is said to be “special and distinctive” and to give an impression of hospitality through the interaction of local people with tourists.

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Through the promotion of culinary tourism in addition to other types of tourism, local people can increase income, build moral responsibility to maintain the treasures of regional specialties, as well as create new jobs for the community. However, regional specialty food products need to be provided by prioritizing attractive, unique, natural, hygienic and fast services, so that they will add a positive impression and attract tourists to come.

Aceh, which is located in the westernmost region of the Republic of Indonesia with a variety of richness and diversity of natural resources, from vast and dense tropical forests, marine and river resources, agriculture, plantations to livestock, has various types of traditional dishes with recipes derived from grandmother’s legacy. ancestor of “indatu” which is called “Typical Acehnese Food”. The Acehnese, who are predominantly Muslim, generally consume rice combined with several other main types of food, such as vegetables, fish, beef, buffalo, mutton, chicken, duck meat, and others.

Aceh culinary tourism consisting of Acehnese food and drinks can be found easily in various places in Aceh, ranging from noodle products, fish (sea, river and lake), curry (fish, goat, free-range chicken, duck, ox, goose, etc.) lamb and deer), wood fish, vegetables, Acehnese cakes, coffee and bandrek. Acehnese specialties, such as Acehnese noodles and Aceh curries have become Acehnese culinary icons because they use the main ingredients that come from Aceh, such as crumbles. There are several Acehnese specialties in the form of food and drinks that have become famous and become a promising new market for the people of Aceh. Acehnese specialties are starting to be favored by anyone who visits Aceh because of their uniqueness and delicacy as well as the uniqueness in their manufacture.

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In general, Acehnese food does not use flavorings or preservatives that can endanger the health of the body, but instead uses natural and fresh sources of ingredients originating from the land of Aceh. Acehnese food recipes originating from the ancestral heritage of Aceh “indatu” with a unique taste and aroma are still being developed and maintained today. Although, several other regions also cook the same food (typical Acehnese food), the taste and aroma is still very different.

Acehnese specialties are also believed to increase stamina, as well as to cure diseases because the main ingredients used for cooking contain various types of spices and certain plants that only grow in Aceh, such as cinnamon, galangal, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, cenkeh. , starfruit, tamarind sunti (starfruit dried and broiled with salt), young banana stems, kala flowers, etc. Acehnese specialties besides being cooked for family consumption at home, can also be enjoyed at several restaurants or stalls in Aceh and in several big cities, such as Medan, Jakarta, etc. Also, Acehnese food can be enjoyed free of charge on Islamic and cultural holidays, such as the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, wedding parties, mak meugang, thanksgiving and other people’s parties. It is guaranteed that no one can resist his desire not to enjoy Acehnese food, such as Aceh Noodles and Goat Curry. Acehnese foodstuffs are generally sourced from marine resources, agriculture, plantations, livestock, plantations, rivers / lakes and several types.

Types of food originating from the sea or rivers can be sharks, tuna, reef fish, squid, shrimp, crab, river fish, etc. Types of food derived from agriculture consist of leaves (palawija), rice, kala, papaya leaves and flowers, young bananas, young banana stalks, banana blossoms, etc. Types of food originating from plantations consist of young jackfruit, etc. Meanwhile, the types of food originating from livestock consist of ox,goats, ducks, sheep, free-range chickens, buffalo, deer, geese and several other birds. All of these natural products can be used as the main ingredients for typical Acehnese food, such as goat curry, Aceh noodles, caluk noodles, stir fry, Aceh “tamarind” soup, wooden fish, pliek sauce, rumbi kanji, Aceh jerky, cooked satay, etc. “Rujak Aceh” which comes from a variety of fresh fruits is also very challenging to try after enjoying the main dish with a slightly spicy taste.

* “Aceh curry” is the most popular type of Acehnese food in Aceh (“Kuah Beulangong” in Acehnese language / “Kuah Beulanga” in Indonesian).
Aceh curry has a slightly spicy taste that is yellow in color. There are four types of Aceh curry dishes with different main ingredients, namely:
1. goat curry,
2.beef curry,
3. curried duck, and
4. Chicken curry.

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Coconut milk and various other cooking ingredients, such as jackfruit, or young bananas, red chilies, rivet chilies, roasted coconut and other spices are the main ingredients that make Acehnese curry special.
On many occasions, Acehnese curry is traditionally cooked using a specially designed large pot. In general, only adult males who have gastronomy are able to cook curry dishes, so it will be an attraction and experience for tourists to visit.

* “Kayu Kayu” or “Kemamah” is another Acehnese specialty with a very challenging taste. Just like its shape, kemamah fish is made from tuna that has been boiled and dried which is then sliced. Kemamah fish can be cooked using a variety of cooking ingredients, such as coconut milk, potatoes, green chilies and other crumbly ingredients. During the Aceh war against the Dutch in the wilderness, this type of cuisine was very popular because it was very easy to carry and cook.

* “Mie Caluk” is different from Acehnese noodles which are fried or boiled. Caluk noodles are also a favorite dish of Acehnese people because these noodles use peanut sauce or spices. The ingredients used for making caluk noodles also use crumbled ingredients, so the taste and aroma is very distinctive and tempting.
Aceh also has several other typical confectionary foods, such as Kekarah, Timphan, Adee, kueh supet, etc.
All these types of snacks have different tastes, shapes and ingredients from one another.

* “Kekarah” is a type of traditional Acehnese snack originating from coastal Aceh which was used to be used for wedding parties, traditional rituals and gifts for visiting family members or relatives in Acehnese people on Islamic Holidays (Hari Raya).
Now Kekarah can be found and enjoyed anywhere with a unique aroma and taste, either in coffee shops or in food shops. Kekarah will taste very delicious when enjoyed with warm Aceh coffee with family members and friends.

* “Timphan” is a typical Acehnese snack that is often made on Muslim holidays, such as welcoming the holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. This snack is made from a dough of flour, eggs and grated coconut and wrapped in fresh young banana leaves. Timphan is very well known in Aceh and attracts Acehnese people who are outside Aceh to “miss their village” and return to Aceh, especially during Islamic religious holidays, such as Eid al-Fithri and Eid al-Adha.
There are many expressions or proverbs with the word Timphan, such as “Uroe got buleun got timphan ma peugoet beumeutemeng rasa” (I have to be able to feel the good day of the good month, I have to feel it).

* “Adee”, a type of snack originating from Pidie Jaya, which used to be often made for religious activities, wedding parties, traditional rituals and gifts for visiting family members and relatives in the Acehnese community, especially the Islamic Holidays (Hari Raya) .

Adee made from a dough of flour, eggs and coconut milk has a delicious taste and aroma and has been famous as a souvenir gift from Aceh. Adee can be found and enjoyed anywhere in Banda Aceh with a unique aroma and taste or at its place of origin in Pidie Jaya while seeing firsthand the traditional process of making Aceh.

* Types of Acehnese drinks other than food are coffee and bandrek. Central Aceh and Bener Meriah which are at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level with the cool air with their coffee plantations that stretch out wide. The coffee produced by these regions is well known outside Aceh and abroad, consisting of Arabica and Robusta coffee with export quality.

Aceh coffee is famous for being very special and delicious. Coffee has become the main drink of the Acehnese people every day, whether at home, at work or at various meetings. The people of Aceh will lose their appetite if they don’t consume coffee. It is not surprising that Aceh is not only known for its “hundreds of mosque buildings”, it is also known as “hundreds of coffee shops”. Drinking coffee for the people of Aceh has become part of social activities. By drinking coffee, it is entrusted with strengthening relationships and friendship, as well as entertainment.

As for the menu that is the pride of the Acehnese people and if you go to Aceh on certain days or on a “feast” or child marriage party, we will find these foods, including:

Various Acehnese Dishes

1. Pliek sauce, this is the food most liked by the people of Aceh, especially those in the East Aceh area, especially in the Aceh Pidie area and its surroundings. The main ingredient for this pliek sauce is Pliek U, which is the remaining coconut milk in the manufacture of coconut oil, not through heating but through decomposition first. Then another characteristic of this Pliek Kuah is the mixing of various vegetables that have been cut into small pieces, including green chilies. So if you eat pliek sauce you can’t avoid the spicy taste.

Various Acehnese Dishes

2. Asam Keueng, this is also usually found in almost all Aceh community groups. This Keueng Acid Sauce is easily available in Aceh stalls wherever you are. If you find there is an Aceh shop in your city, just ask for the keueng tamarind sauce, there must be. This tamarind sauce is a fish dish, usually tuna, already, catfish or others, usually the Acehnese are cooked with a keueng sour taste. The acid used is sunti acid, which is an acid made from dried starfruit.

Various Acehnese Dishes

3. Cook Mirah, this dish is most commonly found when there is a wedding party or other feast or on the traditional “meugang” day to welcome the fasting month or before the fasting day. On that day the Acehnese will definitely buy beef or buffalo to cook as a sign of fasting or the fasting day of tomorrow is coming.

Various Acehnese Dishes

If you come to Aceh at a time like that, you will definitely find the aroma of meat cooking in almost all houses in Aceh. Well, at such times, one of the menus is “cooking rubies”. Beef or buffalo or also native chicken use dried red chili powder first. So that the distinctive color of the dish is visible and will definitely add to the taste of the Acehnese.

Various Acehnese Dishes

4. Cook Puteh, this also uses meat, usually beef or beef but sometimes also duck. This dish does not use chilies, but instead uses pepper as a spicy flavor enhancer, do not forget cardamom and red gonseng coconut, but white gonseng coconut. All spices must be finely ground.

Various Acehnese Dishes

5. Sie Itek, currently found in Banda Aceh or other district cities. Usually sie itek (duck meat) is sold for night graves.

Various Acehnese Dishes

6. Sie Ruboh, this is a typical menu for Aceh Besar people. Sie Ruboh is made from beef which has been preserved by boiling it with vinegar first. This stew of meat can take a long time. After that the meat is cooked again or fried according to our tastes. This Sie Reuboh can last almost a year. Large Acehnese migrate, usually every year there are shipments of sie ruboh from their parents in the village.

Various Acehnese Dishes

7. Gulee Keumamah. Keumamah this tuna fish that has been preserved by heating. Besides keumamah it is also known as wood fish because it is similar to wood if we look.

Various Acehnese Dishes

8. Eungkot Paya, a typical brackish fish dish using special spices. These are also commonly found in the Aceh Besar area.

Various Acehnese Dishes

9. Asam Drien, this typical dish is usually found in the South West Aceh area, it is also found in several places in Sumatra. Drien acid, also known as tempoyah, is very popular among the people of South West Aceh.

Various Acehnese Dishes

10. Acid udeueng (shrimp), this is usually made like chili sauce. River prawns or sea prawns that have been boiled first are then ground using chilies and use fresh starfruit (boh limeng) acid. This fresh masah starfruit is the hallmark of this udeung sour dai. Usually a menu when the Acehnese are farming.

Various Acehnese Dishes

11. Tumeh Engkot Muloh, this is very typical food in North Aceh and its surroundings. In that area, if there is a wedding party in North Aceh and its surroundings, Tumeh Engkot Muloh will be the main menu. Even meat dishes are not there if the main menu is Engkot Muloh.

Various Acehnese Dishes

12. Catched Chicken, this dish is the last few years heard in Aceh. It can even be obtained at a typical shop where the main menu is Catched Chicken. Catch Chicken, one fried chicken using the spices that are fried together with the leaves are usually teumeurui leaves. Has a pretty distinctive taste too.

Various Acehnese Dishes

13. Aceh noodles have also become a favorite food of the Acehnese people and are starting to be favored by various communities outside Aceh. Aceh noodles consisting of Boiled Noodles, Fried Noodles and Wet Fried Noodles are given a mixture of vegetables and various other crumbly ingredients, such as garlic, onions, red chilies, etc. To add to the enjoyment, Mie Aceh can also be mixed with crab, shrimp, eggs, squid and beef according to consumer tastes. Mie Aceh which has a distinctive taste can be found easily in other cities, such as Jakarta and Bandung, although the taste has been modified to suit the tastes of the local community.


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