Typical Sundanese Menu Indonesia

Typical Sundanese menu

Culinary (IM) – Typical Sundanese menu. Diverse Typical Menu Is Indonesian Culinary. Indeed, we will always look for the best for ourselves. Included in looking for food, so definitely we are looking for delicious things. Many of us have encountered delicious culinary delights throughout Indonesia, including Bandung culinary delights.

For those of you who like the Sundanese menu. Don’t forget to visit the most delicious Sundanese restaurant in the city of Bandung. Yes, you have to taste the delicacy of Sundanese cuisine and culinary delights at Bandung’s culinary spots.

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In this Sundanese restaurant, there are many special food and culinary menus that you have and you must try. Starting from fish, chicken, shrimp, and squid along with a variety of preparations will definitely shake your tongue.

The menu is the mainstay of this Bandung culinary place. Is a crispy duck or fried duck typical of Raja Sunda. This duck is processed with spices and wrapped in the typical Raja Sunda flour and fried using a separate technique.

This combination method produces duck meat texture which is very crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Enjoyed with a plate of hot steaming fluffy rice and a spoonful of chili sauce and fresh vegetables. Will make you fall in love with the mainstay menu of Sundanese restaurants in Indonesia.

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Bandung is nicknamed the Paris Van Java or the Paris of Java Island. This city is indeed one of the big beautiful cities in Indonesia. With natural conditions outside the beautiful city, there are many tourist objects that you can visit.

Then there are also many rest areas that provide. Comfort that can refresh your body from the destruction of everyday life. Not only the natural beauty of Bandung, but various delicious Bandung culinary places are also often found. yes, Bandung, Paris is Indonesia.

So for those of you who want to experience Indonesia. In addition to the various Sundanese specialties, there is also the natural beauty of Indonesia that you should try. Enjoy the atmosphere of typical Sundanese cuisine or taste the delicious culinary places of Bandung.

There is nothing wrong with visiting the Sundanese Restaurant, here a variety of typical Indonesian menus are available. With a typical traditional Sundanese culture design which is one of the national cultural assets of the Republic of Indonesia, it is still maintained by its people. Typical Sundanese menu.

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